Fortnite challenged Trickshotdav to come up with not only a unique and creative video to showcase their NBA crossover, but one that involved his legendary trickshot skills… Mission accomplished.


Kellogg's challenged Trickshotdav to up his snack game with Pringles, and so, that’s exactly what he did. Displaying some of his best soccer trick shots in order to prove that he is indeed the TikTok trick shot soccer king!


TikTok asked Trickshotdav if he could host a live TikTok Takeover which would be promoted across Canada. He began his live show by setting up an epic indoor trick shot which resulted in an hour long live show where 378,000 thousands viewers tuned in to react, comment and participated in encouraging Dav to eventually nail the trick shot.

Red Bull Half Court

The guys and gals at Red Bull’s half court in Rome invited Trickshotdav for a day of insane trickshots, epic drone shots and world records! What more could you want?

Big Brother Canada

During a segment on the show where the contestants had to perform a trick shot as part of an activity/game, Big Brother Canada featured a clip of Dav executing one of his many insane trick shots, showing the contestants how it is done before taking a turn themselves!

Muscle and Fitness

Muscle and Fitness wrote an extensive article on Trickshotdav, (Davide), asking him why the world loves trick shots and further detailing his online success, previous grapplings with mental health, and how his trick shots first began as a form of therapy but then progressed into a way to not only help himself but others as well.


The folks at sports center broadcasted Trickshotdav’s videos across the globe when they featured him on U.S and Canadian television and instagram, alongside a comedic commentation.