About Me

Born in Milan in 1988, Having lived half is his life in both Italy and Canada. Davide was always the funny and entertaining kid in class, often ending up in the principal's office. He always had sharply tuned hand eye coordination, enabling him to be good at all sports. However, growing up he mainly focused on competitive tennis and soccer. Once he grew up, Davide did what most of us do,he took off his ‘class clown’ hat and joined the workforce. He eventually became a tech founder and executive. Yet, while Davide was glad to have achieved all that he had, he was under immense stress and he felt he was living a life that was not meant for him.

In early 2020 Davide became very ill and had to abandon his work, leaving behind the company he had built. It was during his recovery that he started going to the basketball court, but never satisfied with doing the bare minimum he once again found himself striving to become as good as he possibly could, but this time, on the court instead of the office.

He then decided that he would create a Tiktok account and begin to document the shots that he had ruthlessly been practicing. He started hitting halfway shots, blindfolded shots, bicycle shots, and what began as a form of escapism and therapy quickly became his new life. Davide found healing in these activities and decided to dedicate his life to challenge the impossible, to send a positive message to his audience that if we don't give up, anything is possible.