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"Failing is not failure to Davide Panzeri - Muscle and fitness"



Trick Shot Dave is a great guy that brings joy and happiness to all of his fans. He makes his fans feel like they're family. He proves that nothing is impossible, and is a great inspiration to his fans and friends alike. Fans (myself included) love to see when he is online performing, as it provides us with a small, but important, getaway from our own lives and problems. Keep up the good work, Trick Shot Dave!

Nicholas Baxter

I love watching Dav's videos & how creative he is. He really does achieve the impossible. Every trick shot is worth the watch. Amazing.

Jodi Dixon

His work is very inspirational and entertaining. Great human and great follow.

Anthony colasante

Trickshotdav makes the most incredible trick shots, but not only is he the best trickshotter, he inspires us with his positivity and his determination. Us legends love watching because It is impossible to have a bad time when watching Dav make the impossible, possible.

Josh Shaghaghi

Impossible is in our minds ❤️ Never give up!

Ondra Hanzlík